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Magnumís diverse capabilities allow us to fulfill your need for stampings, brackets, baffles, rivets and other parts. We can even supply high quality, custom-fabricated metal components using a variety of manufacturing methods that reduce both cost and timing. Our metal forming equipment is intended to accommodate all types of prototype and low volume production programs.

Prototype & Low Volume Production Stampings
Magnum Manufacturing utilizes many methods for producing stampings. Prototypes and Low Volume Production stampings are produced by laser cutting, CNC milling, piercing or by combinations of these methods, depending upon which is best suited for the product. Magnum offers prototype and low volume production parts with aggressive delivery schedules and competitive prices. All parts are subject to our ISO9000 procedures that require full and complete inspection throughout the production process.

• Laser Cutting
• CNC punching
• CNC Shearing
• Certified Welding
• Spot Welding Aluminum and Steel†
• Deburring
• Milling
• Drilling
• Water Jet Cutting
• Assembly
• Design/Engineering

Material Capabilities
• Steel
• Alloy Steel
• High Strength Steel
• Aluminum
• Stainless