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Component assembly is a key service Magnum offers its customers for both prototype and production applications. Our assembly processes include all of the ways in which individual components are joined together to form a system. The two categories of assembly we perform are divided into mechanical bonding and plastic welding. Each requires specialized knowledge of the equipment used and the component materials involved.


Design & Engineering
Magnumís tooling design capabilities cover both prototype and low volume production tooling and assembly fixtures. We offer innovative tooling solutions that eliminate expenses while delivering the quality and quantity you need. We can offer you advice on tool design options, material characteristics, and discuss with you the pros and cons of various manufacturing processes. Our team utilizes the latest CAD software and can translate any native data format.

Magnum's inspection methods are critical to ensuring the dimensional integrity of our customerís components. We have a full metrology suite dedicated to quality assurance and are familiar with the design requirements and tolerances used by our customers. Our temperature and humidity-controlled inspection room houses both manual gages and computerized inspection equipment. Magnumís inspection department utilizes a Brown & Sharpe touch-probe CMM and the latest PC-DMIS software for 3D inspections.


Low Volume Production
Magnum is a single-source supplier of production parts and assemblies. We offer a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities and are committed to meeting the requirements of each program. Our customers appreciate our level of flexibility in adjusting to changes and developing a production plan that meets their needs. For most components, Magnum can fulfill both high and low volume orders. Our services offer a significant value for short-run and low volume production. Where many suppliers are unwilling to commit to short-run and low volume programs, we have focused our approach toward fulfilling smaller orders.

Rapid Prototypes
Because cost and timing are often critical aspects in a prototype build, we offer our customers the best alternative to traditional tooling in the form of rapid prototypes. The turnaround time of 3D printing can be as fast as a few business days. Urethane parts can develop in a matter of weeks and closely replicate production-intent components. Rapid prototypes can produce a range of material properties, from parts that are rigid, to those that are flexible and rubber-like.
From CAD data, our designers and engineers will quickly and accurately produce functional prototypes for your program. Our rapid prototypes are useful for developing your concept, determining fit, and reviewing your assembly throughout the design and development process.


Stampings & Fabrication
Magnumís diverse capabilities allow us to fulfill your need for stampings, brackets, baffles, rivets and other parts. We can even supply high quality, custom-fabricated metal components using a variety of manufacturing methods that reduce both cost and timing. Our metal forming equipment is intended to accommodate all types of prototype and low volume production programs.

Tool Tryouts & Molding
Once Magnum produces your injection or blow mold tooling, we can then mold parts in-house for testing or low volume production runs. From small to large parts, we can mold quality parts that meet your specification with a number of different material types.