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Injection Molds
Our design and engineering team will design and manufacture an injection mold that meets your program's specific requirements. We can offer expert advice on part design and tool characteristics, including mold-flow, shrink, ejection issues, and tool life.


Blow Molds
Our design and engineering team will develop a blow mold that specifically meets your program's requirements for 2D & 3D (suction) blow molding. We can offer expert advice on part design and certain tool characteristics. We will explain issues like manufacturing feasibility, wall thickness, and the risk of vacuum collapse.
Our blow mold tooling is typically cut from aluminum, and we will help you select an alloy grade that is suited for your particular program. Our programmers use the latest CNC software to reduce lead time and enhance accuracy. All tooling is machined and benched to precision.

Plastic Welding
Magnum is capable of delivering fully-welded assemblies to our customers. We will develop and build all of the required fixtures for the welding and assembly process, and perform any tests needed to ensure the integrity of the weld. Our in-house suite of plastic welding technologies covers both heat transfer and friction welding processes.


CNC Machining
Magnumís team of programmers and machinists can produce complete parts, CNC machined from stock or billet. We utilize the latest machining techniques and software to achieve precision dimensions on your final product. Our experienced operators will develop clean and efficient cutter paths to reduce lead time and ensure accuracy.
For prototype programs, CNC subtractive machining is effective for applications where material property or size render other techniques inadvisable. It is also the preferred process for certain applications that require higher quality features than those produced through conventional casting methods.